Dry Ice Equipment

Dry ice machines are used to produce dry ice a solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used primarily as a cooling agent. Its advantages include lower temperature than that of water ice and not leaving any residue (other than incidental frost from moisture in the atmosphere).

WHITELION Dry Ice - WL 1500 hover image

WHITELION Dry Ice - WL 1500

WHITELION Dry Ice Blasting 1500 Competition The WL 1500 Competition dry ice blasting system is a very compact and lightweight solution for cleani..

SKU: SBY20-19284

AED 76,048.75

WHITELION Dry Ice - WL 5000 hover image

WHITELION Dry Ice - WL 5000

WHITELION Dry Ice - WL 5000The special choice for demanding dry ice cleaning…Small or big wishes – the best ones are those fulfilledOur dry ice blasti..

SKU: sby20-19415

AED 83,419.81

WHITELION Dry Ice 3000 hover image

WHITELION Dry Ice 3000

WHITELION Profi Dry Ice Blasting 3000 DeviceThe versatile and lightweight all-rounder among dry ice blasting systemsIt should be compact and functiona..

SKU: SBY20-19306

AED 97,573.15

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