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Marolex VX Alka

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Our largest sprayer is simply impressive. More than average capacity, exceptional mobility, long hose, and above all – efficient pump.

VX™  is pure power and no compromises.

Disinfection of machines and devices

Industrial disinfection of large surfaces causes many problems. With the help of a 20-liter battery-operated trolley sprayer, you can easily disinfect even large production halls.


The trolley sprayer will work perfectly when disinfection must be carried out over a large area. 20 liters of capacity and long battery life allow you to work comfortably without having to lift the sprayer.

Application of cleaning agents

The car wash employees have loved the vx battery-operated sprayer. Its large capacity combined with a long hose allows for the comfortable application of active agents to car bodies without pumping and the need to constantly refill the washing agents.

Anti-dust protection (APS System)

All telescopic lances are equipped with APS dust protection to prevent the entry of contaminants inside the lance. Thanks to such a solution, they are considered to be one of the most reliable devices of this type on the market.

Dosing valve lock

The dosing valve, integrated with the Marolex handle, allows for a more comfortable work. The lock reduces the strain on the hand muscles during long work with the sprayer. Pressing and moving the dosing valve button forward, locks it in the open position without having to hold the button.

Three-layer reinforced hose

All hoses in our sprayers are equipped with additional internal reinforcement, increasing resistance to pressure and external factors. Our hoses are resistant to bending, cracking, and stretching. The three-layer construction is quality without compromise.

Wide durable wheels

The wide and durable wheels guarantee stability and convenient movement on various surfaces. The finished in all details surface structure of the wheels ensures that the sprayer will not get stuck in loose soil or slide on wet grass.

Nozzle with jet regulation

Nozzles in our sprayers have a smooth adjustment of the spray angle from a very wide to a single jet. All you need is one nozzle that can be used for both watering and fogging.

Instant charging

Our modern batteries are ready to use whenever you need them. The quick charger limits the charging time to the minimum necessary. We value your time, that’s why instant charging is our standard.

Microprocessor control

Control, security, and optimization – in our sprayers, all this is operated by the microprocessor. Thanks to advanced algorithms, our sprayers use batteries more efficiently and save energy, so you can work longer.

Power from lithium-ion batteries

Our sprayers develop together with the latest technology, which is why we use the most modern power sources. Our lithium-ion batteries have been created to minimize the weight and use the available energy most efficiently.

Technical Data


22,00 l


20,00 l


0,38 MPa


8,20 kg


910 mm

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