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WHITELION Dry Ice - WL 5000

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WHITELION Dry Ice - WL 5000

The special choice for demanding dry ice cleaning…

Small or big wishes – the best ones are those fulfilled

Our dry ice blasting machine WL 5000 AirMax ¾ inch is a versatile, variable dry ice blasting machine for cleaning surfaces of the most diverse impurities.
This dry ice blasting unit has been developed for robust and demanding continuous operation.
The high filling volume of 50kg dry ice pellets makes the operation of this system comfortable, the filling interval is therefore significantly longer with this dry ice blasting unit.
The dry ice container is made of stainless steel and, like all White Lion dry ice blasting rods, has a glass lid for easy level control. The conveying volume of 140kg/h dry ice makes these systems a sovereign partner of the industry.
If this range of lines is not sufficient for you, we offer you this system alternatively also in the 1 inch variant, with even more power for powerful moments in life.
The frame of the dry ice blasting unit is made of aluminium so that transport is as easy as possible. All other relevant components are made of stainless steel to ensure a long service life.

  • Quick nozzle replacement without tools
  • Internal compressed air pressure adjustment from 1 – 16 bar
  • Dry ice pellet delivery volume continuously variable from 20 – 140 kg/h
  • Digital display showing the dry ice pellet transport volume
  • Emergency stop function with red LED signal lamp
  • Acid-proof wheels with antifriction bearing
  • Compressed air and blasting pressure manometer

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