SPEEDCLEAN Foam Condenser Coil Cleaner

SPEEDCLEAN Foam Condenser Coil Cleaner

SpeedyFoam Condenser Coil CleanerThe smarter, safer & biodegradable alkaline foaming micro bubble coil cleanerSpeedyFoam is safe for coated and un..


AED 129.40

FORTADOR Yellow Interior Cleaner hover image

FORTADOR Yellow Interior Cleaner

Fortador YELLOW Interior Cleaner low foaming carpet degreaser that cleans and deodorizes carpet and upholstery. Contains optical brightener to br..


AED 305.92

FORTADOR 50 To 1 Glass Cleaner hover image

FORTADOR 50 To 1 Glass Cleaner

FORTADOR 50 TO 1 GLASS CLEANERThis is an alcohol based glass cleaner. It is ammonia free and safe on tintedwindows. 1 gallon makes 50 gallons of ..


AED 382.25

FORTADOR Blue Magic Steam Wash hover image

FORTADOR Blue Magic Steam Wash

FORTADOR BLUE MAGIC STEAM WASHFortador BLUE MAGIC Steam Wash will add power to your Fortador Steamer, increasing a shine of paint and helps you perfor..


AED 452.34

FORTADOR Gold Degreaser hover image

FORTADOR Gold Degreaser

FORTADOR GOLD DEGREASERFortador Gold Degreaser is a heavy degreaser, can be deluted from 4:1 to 20:1On your engines you usually are using only 4:1. So..


AED 525.00

FORTADOR Green Magic Hand Wash hover image

FORTADOR Green Magic Hand Wash

Fortador GREEN MAGIC HAND Wash provides all the benefits of latest polymer technologies of car wash industry plus additional protection and shine in o..


AED 546.11

FORTADOR Leather Vinyltrim Protectant hover image

FORTADOR Leather Vinyltrim Protectant

FORTADOR LeatherVinylTrim PROTECTANT is a great product that cleans, restoresand protects leather surfaces, vinyl surfaces and molding. It contai..


AED 388.55

FORTADOR Limescale Remover hover image

FORTADOR Limescale Remover

FORTADOR LIMESCALE REMOVERConcentrated descaling agent for steam cleaners and water jest washers, acid-resistant kitchen and household appliances and ..


AED 210.77

FORTADOR Paint Cleaner hover image

FORTADOR Paint Cleaner

FORTADOR PAINT CLEANERis an excellent product for removing polish residue,old waxes, sealants before applying any of Fortador protection solutions:For..


AED 378.05

FORTADOR Tire Gel hover image


FORTADOR TIRE GEL is a water-based, VOC free tire dressing with high gloss and exellent durability.It can be used to protect and dress all tires, and ..


AED 378.05

FORTADOR White Nano Wax hover image

FORTADOR White Nano Wax

Fortador WHITE NANO Wax is the only spray car wax that provides the durability of a paste wax and long-lasting UV protection. A combination of hi..


AED 483.84

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